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A Cluster-Oriented Virtual Machine Architecture

The mm-ADT virtual machine is programmed using a low-level bytecode language that is specifically designed to integrate a heterogeneous collection of processing engines and storage systems. An mm-ADT program is a semi-cyclic graph of primitive functional operations called instructions. These instructions can be executed naturally by any processor based on the reactive pattern, the actor model, or any asynchronous or batch message-passing architecture. Processors drive threads of execution over data structures stored in systems ranging from databases with random-access data paths to distributed file systems with linear data layouts optimized for sequential-access processing. Data structures are sorted into model-ADTs using mm-ADT’s type system which is capable of expressing canonical-types, refinement-types, dependent-types in support of universal, general-purpose, cluster-oriented, distributed computing.

The working draft documentation for the mm-ADT virtual machine are publically available at this location.